Our Services

Data Insights Consult will create and execute a customized work plan for you depending on your requirements and goals. We will provide regular updates and will be there to answer your questions throughout the entire project. We realize that statistics is foreign to most people, and we will make sure you are confident with the results and know how to benefit from them. The services offered can range from short-term consultancy to long-term collaboration.

  • Design of experiments and surveys
  • Data analysis
  • Establishment and management of databases
  • Provide advice on statistical software
  • Approving the statistical aspects of research project proposals and technical reports
  • Preparation and revision of scientific articles and reports for publications
  • Study co-ordination
  • Impact assessment
  • Performing research on behalf of the clients
  • Training of researchers from the various institutions through short courses
  • Training enumerators/interviewers
  • Designing data collection tools (e.g. questionnaires)
  • etc