About Us

Our Vision

To become the best consultancy company in the areas of research design and data analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa


To ensure that research in Sub-Saharan Africa  are well planned, executed and the analysis of data emanating from those research are properly executed through the promote of proper use of statistics in biological and socio-economic research.

Our Goal

At our different capacities (students, lecturers, researchers, managers, consumers) we are interested in making sense out of data, which is floating around us. To survive in this “Data Rich World” we all need to be in position to discern what is true from what is false.  The role of Data Insights Consult is to help you turn this data into information that enables you to draw better conclusions, make better decisions, write better thesis etc.

Our Approach

We have a personal approach in which we work closely with you throughout your study, from planning to presentation of results.  We utilize our over 10 years of experiences and in-depth knowledge in statistics and research methods not only to do the most appropriate analysis and modeling, but also to help you to formulate suitable research objectives, questions and hypothesis, determine the best strategy for data collection, and presentation of the results.  For the postgraduate students we provide excellent learning opportunities through guided data analysis (we encourage students to do their own analysis under the guidance and watchful eyes of our experts). We will also provide Data Analysis Clinics whereby students come with their data and we provide them with the most enabling environment to analyze your data with the help of our experts.

Our consultancy provide you with assurance that our well trained and experienced team will make you get the best out of your data. We will “let your data speak nothing but the truth”. Working with Data Insights Consult allows you to focus on what you know best, without worrying about the expense and energy needed to find and hire a full-time statistician.